Survey 2.0: Where meets Internet and Mobile World

1. Endless challenge of Internet and mobile

-Flow of news information: Printed/ Broadcasting - Twitter
-Note: Paper/Pencil/Diary - Evernote(Synchronizing, Multi-device, Photo + Audio, Able to search)
-File/ Folder: Paper/ Cabinet - Dropbox
-Contents Composition: Paper/ Scissors/ Glue - Pinterest
-Magazine: Paper magazine - Flipboard
-Cash: Original mobile device - Square(Tablet + Reader)
-Employment & Recruitment : Exhibition / Campus event - LinkedIn


Mary Meeker, an Internet analyst, issue world Internet trends every year. According to her, there are more than 0.5 billion data are being uploaded and shared onlineweb traffic worldwide due to development of mobile. 

More and more people are sharing more contents. This explosive increase in internet use will lead everyone to easily access to information. 

According to results of research on the usage pattern of Internet in 2013 conducted by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, there are more than 40,000,000 people who use internet based on 2013. The survey shows that number of internet users are now 40,008,000, which is an increase in 10,000,000 users in 10 years, and internet usage increased from 65.5% to 82.1%. This shows not only increase in amount of internet usage but also increase in internet usage of the middle aged class. Comparing with year 2012, the internet usage for 40s increased by 7.2%(from 89.6% to 96.8%), 50s increased by 20.2%(from 60.1% to 80.3%). 

These changes in environment changed many things in realtime. As the internet users continually grow, especially based on mobile, the usage is increasing tremendously, which changes the market environment and service paradigm. You can check news on Twitter or facebook and you can manage your contents with dropbox. What can we expect further in the future? 

2. How did the survey changed? 

The main usage of internet is ‘to obtain data and information’ 91.3%, the key message we can get from this is that we can easily create and share information and also obtain the reliance of the information itself. The decision making process which was done through offline is now available through online. The survey, which is used as a main method of decision making for groups, was considered as part of professionals. Its key point is that it has environment where they have environment that you can integrate and analyse various opinions of various pannels. 

In case of previous offline survey, there needs to be quite a long time to gather pannels and to gather respondents, which generates cost of 10,000,000 won more. For the purpose of survey there is a limit to get a result that shows timeliness and survey companies tried to look for methods using e-mails and web surveys. However, there still needed resources from researchers which integrates the survey results and annalyses the statistics and analysis. The one who solved this problem was SurveyMonkey and Open Survey. 

Due to development of Internet network and mobile devices, so far there was cost and various parts which was available to make decisions through  survey and showed effect to increasing the quality of the decision making, by increasing the timeliness of information. 

3. SurveyMonkey, what message has it brought upon us? 

Online survey automated the response, processing and analysing result, which originally took most time and cost, and labor. The time it took to gather responses turned realtime and now it was able to access to surveys using various channels. Especially in case of SurveyMonkey, using previous survey institutes, it took a lot of cost and long time. But SurveyMonkey made it ‘servicewise’ so that everyone can process and check results in realtime. Survey methods also was only available for novices and now they provide formats so that novices can also make their one surveyformat and run it like professionals.


SurveyMonkey brought Survey paradigm

1) Everybody can do it!
: SurveyMonkey allows enterprises and communities where they couldn’t make use of surveys to make use of surveys individually in economical price. 

2) Don’t have to wait
: By analysing in realtime, you can provide information timely. 

3) You can do it anywhere!
: It’s a smart service where you can have survey regardless of operation system of the device.

4) New business model of survey
: You can make revenue using Paid pannel usage fare and they donate as the number of respondents of pannels.
In case of SurveyMonkey, solved the problem of inequality of information creating ability and it makes them able to run surveys, making them to solve the problem of rational information rather than information on one-side. Until now it was hard for Social enterprises, civil groups, consumers, small retailers, and citizens can now use survey in rational range of price,

SurveyMonkey not only has the strong point in its timeliness of information and ubiquitous but also can be grounds for socialwise of survey, showing the changing in remarkable change.
Survey is one of the methods to see now through accumulated experiences. In that terms, the internet new which wa reported for 1 year, 10% of them is made from data using survey, which is meaningful data showing the social phenomenon. Through survey, everybody can improve problems by helping to see the thing much more quickly.


Data source

  • MISP
    Internet Using
    State Survey


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